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Titan Alarm


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Founded in 2008, Titan Alarm Inc. covers security needs from fire inspection and installation to commercial security and home automation.

Titan Alarm utilizes cellular monitoring and advanced technology to protect their customers' homes. Customers who use Titan Alarm receive the following services/equipment:

  • Touch Screen Control Panel - This panel allows customers to easily navigate and control all security system settings with the touch of their finger. Users can set and disarm sensors and ensure that monitoring is set up and properly functioning.
  • Control Home Alarm Remotely - Titan customers also have the ability to control their system remotely. Customers are given a key ring device that will arm and disarm the system. Users can also use their smartphone or tablet to access their system.
  • Wireless Security System - The system itself does not require wires to connect all monitors, detectors, and sub panels. All of the equipment is controlled by the control panel.

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  • Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction
  • Assessment Tests
  • Mobile App

Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction

Titan Alarm works toward proving a serene sense to customers by offering automated security services at affordable prices.

They aim at helping you dispel any kind of fears due to insecurities.

Assessment Tests

The company carries out assessment tests that will enable them to configure the best ways to serve their diverse customer base in need of automation.

Mobile App

Titan Alarm Inc. has enabled customers to access their security systems and thermostat of electrical appliances with the click of a button on their mobile phones.

This enhances monitoring of your home activities even when you are away, something with which most customers are happy.


  • Titan Alarm Customer Complaints

Titan Alarm Customer Complaints

Titan Alarm responds to complaints against it by providing sufficient information to be rated. They are always ready to solve any complaints against them as fast and amicably as possible. However, there seems to be some contradiction between what is specified in the contract and what sales representatives tell customers on the ground.

Titan Alarm services Arizona and is not to be confused with Fluent (previously Titan Alarm) that is located in Canada.

Our Recommendation

The company takes pride in getting your feedback whether genuine or biased for it is one avenue of detecting areas that need change. Some of the customers have had satisfactory and excellent experiences.

These products are high quality because of the high tech equipment used and the incorporation of the wireless network like Wi-Fi connections in monitoring your home. They will help you feel secure once you have your own alarm installed.

Contact them and find out on your own, avoid hearsay.

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