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Titan Alarm utilizes cellular monitoring and advanced technology to protect their customers' homes. Customers who use Titan Alarm receive the following services/equipment:

  • Touch Screen Control Panel - This panel allows customers to easily navigate and control all security system settings with the touch of their finger. Users can set and disarm sensors and ensure that monitoring is set up and properly functioning.
  • Control Home Alarm Remotely - Titan customers also have the ability to control their system remotely. Customers are given a key ring device that will arm and disarm the system. Users can also use their smartphone or tablet to access their system.
  • Wireless Security System - The system itself does not require wires to connect all monitors, detectors, and sub panels. All of the equipment is controlled by the control panel.

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Titan Alarm works toward proving a serene sense to customers by offering automated security services at affordable prices. They aim at helping you dispel any kind of fears due to insecurities. The company carries out assessment tests that will enable them to configure the best ways to serve their diverse customer base in need of automation. They have enabled customers to access their security systems and thermostat of electrical appliances with the click of a button on their mobile phones. This enhances monitoring of your home activities even when you are away, something with which most customers are happy.


Titan Alarm responds to complaints against it by providing sufficient information to be rated. They are always ready to solve any complaints against them as fast and amicably as possible. There is a contradiction between what is specified in the contract and what sales representatives tell customers on the ground. Titan Alarm services Arizona and is not to be confused with Fluent (previously Titan Alarm) that is located in Canada.

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The company takes pride in getting your feedback whether genuine or biased for it is one avenue of detecting areas that need change. Some of the customers have had satisfactory and excellent experiences. These products are high quality because of the high tech equipment used and the incorporation of the wireless network like Wi-Fi connections in monitoring your home. They will help you feel secure once you have your own alarm installed. Contact them and find out on your own, avoid hearsay.

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Ratings Breakdown
Monthly Monitoring Fee $34.97+
Install & Equipment Fee $47
Contract Length 36 months
Cancellation Policy No
System Relocation Fee Fees May Apply
Number of Reviews 12
Review Last Updated: April 09, 2020

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James M Hansen

Dec 30, 2019

The sales rep lie to you about your long term commitment. I was told I go month to month after 5 years, now I find out about auto renewal for another 5 years



Glenn Vista, CA

Jan 5, 2018

Terrible company! It's been 3 months since I signed contract and I still have not received the promised buyout check to pay off my Vivint contract. Now they tell me that they are only allowed to send out 5 pay-out/buy-out checks per month and I would have to wait my turn to get the check. Meanwhile, I'm still being billed by Vivint for a service that I'm using. Also, they promised to install the same equipment, but put in inferior equipment. I've tried working with customer service, but continued to be told that the newer equipment is back-ordered. 3 months later, I still do not have all equipment installed. I've spoke with many nice Titanium employees, but they're follow through is awful!!! Extremely frustrating!!!



Lori Clay Columbia, MO

Sep 13, 2017

We love our new security system. I know when my kids are home, and when they leave. We all feel a huge sense of comfort knowing we have this in place. The sign in the yard is a huge bonus too!




Jul 28, 2017

Just keep in mind that Titan pays people to respond to complaints by trying to spin them one way. If they would actually listen and worry about their customers instead of paying these people (I don't know how these people can feel good about themselves or sleep at night), they might do better as a company. Just look at contract terms and prices. Anyone that wants a four or five year contract, wants this for a reason. Trust that if the alarm doesn't work correctly, they will hold you to the terms. You can try the BBB or any other legal entity, but it won't matter.



Moorepearls Avondale, AZ

Aug 2, 2016

I absolutely love the alarm service! The staff is awesome! Dom and Sal a dynamic duo! Thank you for everything! I've been s customer since 2009 and am very pleased with Titan! I wish them continued success!



Kelly Phoenix, AZ

Mar 26, 2015

It's sad to see customer service dwindling these days. I am disappointed with the customer service team at Titan. I have to send numerous emails to get one response back from someone. I have had to wait up to two weeks for a response and then had to call and email again because I still had not heard back. No response for days has now happened 4 times :(. I was pleased with Titan service until I needed to contact them for something. I have been heavily debating breaking my contract at this point.



Melinda Brooke Phoenix, AZ

Jan 27, 2015

I have been a Titan Alarm Inc customer since 2009 and have had GREAT service AND customer support when I needed it. My system needed updating in 2014 and the people were right on top of it. I would recommend Titan Alarm as they are the BEST!



Michael Girompiny Moreno Valley, CA

Jan 16, 2015

my experience with titanium company seems that they lied to me tell me if I get referrals I get cash back never received them. there to bay out my previous alarm company seems to be a hassle to receive that money too. the salesman misrepresent them can't find anybody to answer my question.I took advantage old sick man



Eroman Palmdale, CA

Oct 13, 2014

You get what you are paying for. There is no weekend technical service if your alarm went off beeping for some technical issues. You have to wait until Monday morning, until they call you back, you are going to have to endure the beeping sound all day and night. I will not going to renew my contract once the three years contract is expired.



Kyle Phoenix, AZ

Oct 10, 2014

My experience with Titan has been nothing but amazing. They have a great local team, they dont outsource or resell your contract. They also dont resell old equipment or waste time with cheap systems like adt does to get your monthly cost super cheap. Titan was honest, great to work with and they are local. I couldnt be more happy.



roberto sani

Jul 17, 2014

We had a competitor giving us info on their system. I tried to call Titan and was rudely transferred to the "right" spot to gain some comparative info. We were told that this was not the place to call and was supplied another number only to be put on hold. I told the technician to remove the alarm box and that will get them to call me for sure. No dice, no call to either of our numbers....nothing. Waited an hour, no call, the next day, still no call. A week later, no call. What have I been paying for? God only knows what could happen, because Titan alarm sure wouldn't! I am about to call Titan to inform them that THIER alarm has been removed and why did they not fulfill their end of the contract because by my bank statement, they make no mistake in receiving their payments. I will update my dealings with Titan Alarm. thank you



rachele Glendale, AZ

Apr 4, 2014

So I had an alarm with Titan installed 3 years and 5 months ago. Several times we had an alarm and they never came across the wireless voice. Additionally, I just called to cancel only to find out that if you don't cancel BEFORE the end of the 36 month contract your contract renews automatically for ONE YEAR! WHAT?!?!?! Are you kidding me? I'm sure that was never pointed out EVER and what kind of contract requires notice or auto renewal for 1 YEAR! I met my obligation. Their system is out of date and they want me to pay to upgrade the battery so time to switch, but I have to pay for 7 MONTHS!!! Buyer beware and STAY CLEAR of TITAN ALARMS!!!