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Urban Alarm monitors all home security systems via internet from a central location. Their two generators ensure service is consistent and uninterrupted even during inclement weather conditions.

All equipment is UL listed, meaning it meets/exceeds industry standards for fire protective and burglary signaling.

Using a wireless gateway module, Urban Alarm can continuously monitor your residence(s) even if you lose power and phone service. You have the flexibility of setting up any plan you like without long-term commitments. Pricing is clear and very accessible at any income level.

Special services include Urban Vacation Watch: Urban Alarm will literally visit your residence while you're away, collect your mail, water your plants, etc. No setup is too abstract or unattainable. Other standout security services include artwork protection and full video surveillance of your home or remote studio. PDA integration allows you to personally oversee and control multiple security systems via your mobile device.


A thorough internet search of Urban Alarm turns up no bad reports. The only potential drawback for prospective customers is Urban Alarm's lack of specific info about equipment on their website.

They claim they can install new security systems, but the exact nature and hardware/software comprising these systems isn't stated outright or even loosely explained on their website. Instead, they have a lead capture section in which they exhort interested clients to call for a free consultation or fill out a 'Request Information' contact form.

Our Recommendation

Urban Alarm's unblemished customer service track record and enormous variety of simple-to-use, effective home security setups make them worth the free consultation they offer. Their advantage over other security companies is their cost-effective hands-on approach to ensuring clients and their properties are monitored and safe around the clock.

About Urban Alarm

Urban Alarm is a unique and highly flexible home security system virtually compatible with any residential setup. They offer central monitoring service, power and phone backup, urban home safety check, and medical monitoring.

Urban Alarm will install a brand new alarm system for you or capitalize on your existing alarm system. They are always on-call to lend customers assistance or answer any questions. They even guarantee same day service within certain zip codes. Urban Alarm works with you to craft a security system that best suits your needs. Installation includes the cost of the equipment and ranges between $1,000 and $3,000 depending on the equipment (though these points have not been verified).

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Review Last Updated: January 24, 2020

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lisa Arlington, VA

Oct 29, 2018

Took a while to get them to schedule and get the system up and running but was done successfully. Then we find out more details like they charge fees ($100) to change buzzer caller information-- this wasn't mentioned until after installed. After 2 years of having the system, they seemed to forget how to update it, therefore no new/changed residents could be added to the front door buzzer/security system. After over 3 months of emailing weekly to check into the system while they continued to say they were "working on it," we cancelled and found another company- FORCE Security . Wish we had gone with a more reliable and component company instead of wasting time.



Joel Hirsch Washington, DC

Jun 25, 2015

Urban Alam staff is terrific, and thoroughly professional. Their service is responsive and their services are attentive. Unfortunately they use DMP equipment, which is awkward from a user perspective and whose mobile app is best described as junk. They supposedly sport zwave integration, except it does not work.