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AMP Smart


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Quick Look at AMP Smart

Company Overview
  • High monthly cost.
  • Mostly negative customer reviews.
  • Alarm.com dealer.
  • Free professional installation.
  • Offers geofencing feature.
  • High cancellation costs.
  • We recommend comparing AMP Smart to the best home security companies.

    AMP Smart was founded in 2007 and is located in American Fork, Utah.

    The company claims to put its customers first and seems eager to create a fun work environment where employees can thrive.

    AMP Smart uses Alarm.com services and Honeywell equipment in their home security systems that feature voice control. Home security and automation can all be accessed and controlled from mobile devices via the AMP app.

    Availability, however, is dependent on different monitoring options and what is chosen. Some of these options allow you to control your security system and watch video monitoring of your property with your smartphone or computer, yet some do not.

    The garage door, lights, air conditioning, locks, and even TV can be preprogrammed to how you'd like them for your arrival.

    Is AMP Smart a Good Company? AMP Smart seems to offer a high quality home security system and provide decent monitoring services.

    However, we haven't seen the level of quality to justify their high prices. At $50+ per month, we would expect low equipment costs, upfront pricing information, no contract requirements, excellent customer service, industry shaking quality of product, and a lack of any additional fees.

    While the company may provide some of these services/products, we don't see much proof of their existence by way of customer reviews.

    At this time, we cannot recommend AMP Smart to potential home security buyers.

    How Do I Cancel AMP Smart? If you have AMP security and decide to cancel it will cost $1,250 or the remaining of your account balance (one customer actually reported paying $1,850).

    In addition, it is difficult to find information on AMP Smart's pricing, installation cost, or contract length on their website. We called AMP customer service to retrieve that information, they told us we would have to be contacted by a sales agent at their earliest convenience.

    Do customers like AMP Smart? Overall, customer reviews have reported negative experiences with AMP Smart. It seems that even though AMP Smart promises peace of mind, its customers tend to have frustrating experiences with contracts, fees, service, and equipment. They have earned a 1.5/5 star rating.

    If you are searching for a home security system with more positive customer reviews, we recommend checking out the best home security companies.

    Is AMP Smart expensive? Because AMP Smart does not disclose its prices online, we cannot be sure of exact costs. However, reviews have reported that monthly monitoring is somewhere between $50 and $60 per month, which is more expensive than the industry average.

    Customers have also complained about extra fees, making it more expensive than anticipated.

    AMP Smart Reviews

    Most of the positive AMP security reviews are over 2 years old.

    The few positive reviews they've received in the last couple of years mention that the company has high-quality equipment and that they like that there are low fees.

    The customer service is described as responsive.

    On our partner site in 2019, most of the reviews on AMP Smart have been negative.Over 30 verified customer reviews have earned AMP a 1.5/5 star rating, with 82% of reviews being 1-star.

    Below are the most common complaints people have about AMP.

    • 5-year contract not explained
    • Automatic contract renewal
    • No cancellation/cancellation needed in writing 2 months before your contract ends
    • High early termination fee
    • Difficult to get technical service
    • Doorbell camera malfunctions
    • High-pressure sales representative
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    AMP Smart Security Cost

    • Monthly Monitoring: $60.99
    • Equipment Package Fee: $0 - $99+

    So How Much Does AMP Smart Security Cost?

    AMP Smart does not disclose its pricing online, so pricing information is difficult to come by. However, several review sites report that AMP Security costs between $50 and $60 per month for security monitoring.

    The company website advertises that you can get $1,500 worth of equipment for free. However, we do not believe that is accurate in all cases and because AMP Smart has not disclosed pricing information, we cannot know for sure.

    Be aware that you may encounter extra equipment fees when working with AMP Smart.

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    Equipment Prices

    Unfortunately, AMP Smart is extremely tightlipped about its pricing information and does not disclose the prices of individual products.

    However, we do have a list of their products and the estimated price based on industry averages:

    • AMP smart locks (≈ $175) — keypad from Yale to lock / unlock the door. You can check the status of your door through your phone and lock your door remotely.
    • AMP smart control panel — Smart doorbell camera - AMP uses the Skybell camera that works in virtually all temperatures. This 180-degree view lets you see who is at your door and offers two-way audio communication. You can record video, capture a photo, live stream, and night vision. This camera has a 5x zoom and 1080p HD. You can even turn the doorbell on silent mode.
    • Window and door sensor — Get a text alert when doors and windows are opened. AMP Security's sensors are small, so they're easy to hide, and they have a battery life of 8 to 10 years.
    • Garage door opener — Open and close your garage from your phone. The company's Geofencing alerts you if you leave your driveway without closing your garage door.
    • Smart outlets — Plug the smart outlet into any electrical outlet to control it remotely. With the AMP Smart outlets, you can also set schedules and dim lights.
    • Motion image sensor — These motion sensors with a built-in camera so when your motion sensor goes off, you can see what is actually going on in your home. The motion image sensor records clips, live streams, and works at night.
    • Indoor camera (≈ $125) — Record and live stream video with AMP Smart indoor cameras. You can also set up text alerts.
    • Asset safe — This safe is 0.5 cubic feet and has an electronic lock. Because it's a smart lock, it notifies you every time it's open. Features 2 emergency override keys.
    • Geofencing — A digital perimeter around your property that allows users to link AMP system devices.
    • Smart thermostat (≈ $175) — Allows homeowners to control the temperature of their home from an app and set automatic timers for temperature changes.
    • Smoke detector (≈ $60) — Detects the presence of smoke from fire.
    • Carbon monoxide detector (≈ $100) — Detects the presence of harmful carbon monoxide.
    • Flood sensor (≈ $50) — Detects the presence of water from flooding.
    • Glass break sensor — Detects the sound of breaking glass and alerts the homeowner of potential break ins.
    • Medical alert bracelet (≈ $20) — An emergency button that can be pushed in case of immediate medical necessity.

    AMP Smart Monthly Monitoring Prices

    As we stated above, AMP Smart likely costs between $50 and $60 per month for home security monitoring. Most home security companies charge between $25 and $50 for monitoring services.

    We do not know the willingness on AMP Smart’s part to negotiate your monthly monitoring fee, but you should attempt to get a lower monthly monitoring fee from AMP Smart should you decide to go with them.

    AMP Smart’s Installation Process

    DIY or Professional Installation

    AMP Smart provides free professional installation for all customers — this is a huge positive aspect of AMP Smart’s service.

    Most home security companies charge extra to have an expertly installed home security system.

    As it stands, customers do not appear to have the ability to choose DIY installation with AMP Smart. If you are looking for a DIY option, we recommend Cove.

    AMP Smart Contract Length

    AMP Smart does not disclose its contract length on its website.

    However, some customer reviews have mentioned a 5-year contract, which is an extremely long contract length in comparison to other home security companies.

    The best home security companies won’t even require a contract when signing up and won’t have cancellation fees.

    We recommend you look for a home security system that doesn’t require a contract fee, like Vivint Smart Home or Cove.

    AMP Smart Home Automation Technology

    AMP Smart has high-tech home automation equipment available for customers. This equipment is pricey, but does improve the quality of your home security experience.

    For example, Smart Bulbs and Smart Locks will allow homeowners to set specific times for lights and locks to turn on or off.

    A Smart Thermostat can even learn your favorite temperature setting by time of day and automatically adjust to your preferences.

    Besides smart appliances, the mere fact that you can control and monitor your home security when away from home is worth the extra cost.

    AMP Smart App

    The AMP Smart App gives customers complete control over their smart devices. This means that you can set the temperature in your house or even lock doors by simply tapping your phone screen.

    The app also allows customers to check on their system from anywhere, so you can arm and disarm the system and view live video feed all from the palm of your hand.

    Geofencing Home Security

    Geofencing is a smart automation feature offered by AMP Smart.

    It is a digital perimeter around your property that allows users to link AMP system devices. Customers can sync their AMP alarm and AMP Smart home automation systems with a smartphone so your home knows when you are away or approaching.

    When you come within a predetermined distance of your home, the app network will prepare your home for your arrival without having to use the control panel.

    Our Recommendation

    While AMP Smart offers quality equipment through Alarm.com, the high cancellation costs and other unknowns prevent us from recommending their services.

    Additionally, AMP Smart has inexplicably long contract lengths — we don’t often see contract lengths as long as those from AMP Smart in the home security industry.

    And long contract lengths are so often the source of customer complaints, because they lead to cancellation fees and other inconveniences.

    Prospective customers should look into the top-rated home security companies.

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