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MONI Smart Security


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MONI Smart Security is now owned by Brinks Home Security.

MONI Smart Security was formed in 1994 and has now merged with Brinks Home Security.


  • Multiple Equipment Packages
  • Low Upfront Costs
  • False Alarm Protection
  • Flexible Moving Options

Multiple Equipment Packages

Moni Smart Security offers great smart home technology and equipment for both home security and home automation.

There are three equipment plans for customers to choose from Basic, HomeTouch, and HomeTouch Premier. Each of the three plans includes basic system components, such as alarm monitoring services, a control panel, motion sensors, window sensors, and door sensors.

The two higher plans provide extra features such as security cameras, remote system control, and text alerts. Other smart home technologies and alarm monitoring equipment, such as video doorbell security cameras, are also available.

A mobile app for iPhone and Android users that acts as a remote control panel with many features.

Users can access their Skybell HD camera and utilize the two-way voice feature.

With multiple plans available to them, customers have the ability to find an option that best meets their home security needs and budget.

Low Upfront Costs

Moni Smart Security will provide its customers with free equipment and installation (minus a few exceptions), keeping upfront costs low and affordable. However, there are some fees to be aware of-more on those below.

False Alarm Protection

False alarms aren't incredibly common, but they do happen.

Moni Smart Security offers a number of protection features to help customers in the event of a false alarm. For example, the company will cover up to two false alarms each year.

Additionally, Moni Smart Security will reimburse customers up to $50 for each false alarm.

Few home security companies offer any type of false alarm protection, making Moni Smart Security unique in this regard.

Flexible Moving Options

Moni Smart Security offers free moving services to customers who have had a security system for at least a year and are up to date on their monthly payments. This offer comes with the option to extend the terms of the contract at the current rate for up to 24 months.

If the customer is not interested in moving the system to their new home, Moni Smart Security will allow them to transfer the contract to their homebuyer or pay off the remaining balance.


  • Long-Term Contracts
  • Higher Monthly Rates and Activation Fees
  • Possible Rate Increases

Long-Term Contracts

All Moni Smart Security plans require that customers sign into a binding three to five-year contract for alarm monitoring services. While three years is the average contract length in the home security industry, there are some companies that offer a shorter contract length or do not require customers to sign an annual contract at all.

Higher Monthly Rates and Activation Fees

Although Moni Smart Security offers free equipment and installations, the company's monthly alarm monitoring rates are quite a bit higher than those of other top-rated security system providers.

For example, Moni Smart Security monitoring service prices start at $34.95 per month and only go up from there. In addition to steep monthly rates, the company also charges a sizable activation fee, which, depending on the package, can set customers back up to $149. Customer satisfaction reviews have suffered as a result.

Possible Rate Increases

The monthly rates advertised by Moni Smart Security are based on a 36 to 60-month monitoring agreement. However, actual rates could increase after 12 months, leaving customers locked into a contract and paying a higher rate than they were expecting.

Our Recommendation

Moni Smart Security has over two decades of experience in the home security industry. The company offers multiple equipment packages, flexible moving options, and false alarm protection.

Moni Smart Security advertises free equipment and installations, but charges steep activation fees and requires its customers to sign into lengthy contracts with high monthly monitoring rates. Consumers who are considering Moni Smart Security should also be aware that the company reserves the right to increase rates after the first 12 months. See all Moni Smart Security reviews below.


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