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Ring Home Security


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Ring provides home security equipment and professional alarm monitoring nationwide. Customers purchase all alarm equipment upfront and can add monitoring with cellular backup for $10 per month (or self-monitor with the Ring alarm app at no cost).

The company responds to an alarm in an average of 30 seconds.

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  • Low-Cost Monitoring
  • No Contract
  • DIY Expectations

Low-Cost Monitoring

Ring alarm monitoring is only $10/month, or even cheaper for $100/year. The company boasts that within the first year, you can save $500 by using their plan. The company uses cellular monitoring that is available in all 50 U.S. states.

If you don't want a professional monitoring service, you don't have to purchase it - you can just buy the company's equipment and self-monitor with the app. Those who are unsure about professional monitoring can try it for free for 30 days. Video recording is an additional $3/month.

No Contract

Because Ring security system equipment is sold upfront, customers don't sign up for any long-term contracts. Monitoring services can be canceled at any time.

DIY Expectations

Each piece of equipment sold by Ring comes with an average install time estimation and instructions. Ring security cameras specifically say how hard they are to install, and whether or not you should contract out for professional installation.


  • Limited Home Automation Options
  • Limited Equipment Warranty

Limited Home Automation Options

There are a limited number of Ring brand home security products. The company focuses on selling cameras (indoor, outdoor, video), alarm detectors (motion, door, window), and environmental monitoring (CO, smoke, water). Those who are interested in complete home automation will have to purchase devices from other companies that integrate with the system.

Limited Equipment Warranty

The Ring security system comes with a 1-year warranty. In the home security industry, we more commonly see 3-year warranties on equipment or even lifetime warranties. Ring's warranty is much shorter than what the top home security companies offer.

Our Recommendation

Ring security system is designed for customers who want to purchase all their home security devices upfront and who don't want a lot of smart home features. For those who are looking to pay less or even $0 upfront for home security, we recommend comparing Ring to Vivint Smart Home.

About Ring Home Security

How Does Ring Security Work?

Ring is both a merchant for home security / home automation equipment and an alarm monitoring company. To use Ring, you will need to purchase all of your alarm equipment upfront - this allows you to choose exactly what you want in your home. All equipment is self-installed.

After you purchase your equipment, you can choose to add-on professional, 24/7 monitoring for just $10/month. With Ring's monitoring, you get notifications sent straight to your phone about what's going on in your home: someone is at your door, motion detector is triggered, window opens, fire alarm goes off, etc. You can also monitor your devices through the Ring app whenever you want. If there is a security issue in your home, Ring will call you and see if they need to send an alert to 9-1-1.

Ring Alarm Packages:

Devices from Ring work with Alexa and other third-party accessories, like Yale, Dome, and more.

5-Piece Alarm Kit: $199

This kit is ideal for condos, apartments, or small homes. Monitors homes up to 1,000 sq. ft.

  • Base station (hub)
  • Keypad
  • 1 door/window sensor
  • 1 motion sensor (ignores pets up to 50lbs)
  • Range extender (extends signal from base station)

10-Piece Alarm Kit: $309

This kit is ideal for 1-2 bedroom homes. Monitores homes from 1,000-2,000 sq. ft.

  • Base station (hub)
  • Keypad
  • 5 door/window sensors
  • 2 motion sensors (ignores pets up to 50lbs)
  • Range extender (extends signal from base station)

14-Piece Alarm Kit: $419

This kit is ideal for 3 bedroom homes. Monitores homes 2,000 sq. ft.

  • Base station (hub)
  • 2 Keypads
  • 8 door/window sensor
  • 2 motion sensors (ignores pets up to 50lbs)
  • Range extender (extends signal from base station)

Extra Equipment From Ring

  • Keypad: $50
  • Range extender: $25
  • Door/window sensor: $20
  • Motion detector: $30
  • Panic button $35
  • Freeze/flood sensor: $35
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detector: $35
  • Door view camera: $199 (replaces peephole)
  • Ring video doorbell: $99.99-$249
  • Video camera (solar): $229
  • Video camera (battery or wire): $199
  • Floodlight camera: $249
  • Indoor/outdoor stick up camera: $179-229

*Ring video doorbell comes with two-way audio and uses the wi-fi network.

Equipment That Works With Ring

  • Smart lock from Schlage Connect: $199.99
  • Smart lock from Yale: $219.99
  • Smart lock from Kwikset: $139.99
  • Smart lights from GE: $44.99-$49.99
  • Smart lights from Leviton Decora: $49.99
  • Smart outlets from GE: $44.99
  • Smart outlets from Leviton Decora: $33.99
  • Garage door sensor from Ecolink: $29.99

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