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Select Security offers home and business security. They offer basic home security systems that customers can add equipment onto for an additional monthly fee or if they purchase it outright. Security controls are included in each security plan.

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  • Lifetime Warranty on Equipment
  • Professional, Free Installation

Lifetime Warranty on Equipment

The most impressive part of Select Security's basic package is the lifetime equipment warranty. For the full life of the contract, all equipment and batteries are covered and can be serviced by a full-time technician at no cost. The only time customers are required to pay out of pocket is if the equipment was broken at the fault of the user (e.g. the ladder knocks the door sensor off).

Professional, Free Installation

Select Security uses expert installers to take care of every SmartHome installation. This ensures that the job is done right and meets your exacting standards. From scheduling through the final walkthrough, our professional team is committed to your satisfaction. No matter how much equipment you purchase, installation is free.


  • Select Security Complaints
  • High Costs

Select Security Complaints

Select Security has a very poor rating on Best Home Security Companys. Their average score from customers is a 0.4 out of 10. Overall, Select Security reviews are very negative. Here are the most common things people are complaining about:

  • Issues with system functionality
  • Equipment failure
  • False alarms
  • Alarm Force being bought out by Select Security
  • Customer service miscommunication
  • Auto-renewal on contracts
  • Cancellation problems

High Costs

The company only has two packages and the only difference between the two is an indoor camera. Both packages are more expensive than other home security companies: $42.95/month for 3 window/door sensors and 1 motion sensor; $54.95 for the same equipment and an indoor camera. Protect America offers the same basic package for $19.99/month for landline monitoring ($41.99/month for cellular monitoring).

Our Recommendation

While Select Security offers some of the most advanced technology in the industry, they are more expensive than other providers and limit their customers when it comes to installation options. For these reasons, we recommend looking into our top home security systems.

Select Security Packages

Select Security offers two home security packages with free, professional installation. However, with each of these, you can add on the equipment you want and either pay for it upfront or add to your monthly payment. Both packages come with 24/7 monitoring.

Select Home IQ: $42.95/month
  • Touch screen control hub
  • 3 window/door sensors
  • 1 motion sensor
Connected Home IQ: $54.95/month
  • Touch screen control hub
  • Indoor camera
  • 3 window/door sensors
  • 1 motion sensor

The following is a list of equipment you can purchase upfront or pay for monthly.

Doorbell Camera: $249 or $2/month

Connect to your SmartHome control hub. Includes 2-way voice communication

Indoor Camera: $149 or $2/month

HD, 1080p camera with night vision. Includes 2-way voice communication

Outdoor Camera: $249 or $2/month

Live stream and video alerts to your phone. HD camera and low light capability.

Smart Lock: $179 or $5/month (each)

Use an access code to enter your home or unlock/lock from your phone.

Glass Sensor: $99 upfront

The sensor hears if glass breaks in your home within 20 feet.

Motion Sensors: $89

Pet immune for pets less than 40 lbs. Covers a 35-foot area and detects infrared heat sensors.

Smart Thermostat: $199 or $5/month

Can lower your energy bill by 5% to 15%. Control remotely

Other equipment includes:

  • Window/Door Sensors: $39
  • Smart Lights: $29 or $5/month
  • Appliance Control: $49 or $5/month
  • Smoke and Fire Detector: $99
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector: $109
  • Flood Sensor: $89
  • Keyfob: $39
  • Panic button: $49
  • Secondary Keypad: $199

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