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SimpliSafe is a DIY home security monitoring service that offers various home security packages.

Customers can customize their security packages or can choose from a package already created. The company has low monthly monitoring fees and doesn't require a contract, but they charge high upfront fees. People can monitor their home automations and security system straight from SimpliSafe's app.

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  • Low Monthly Monitoring Cost
  • SimpliSafe Has No Contracts
  • DIY Installation
  • Voice Device Compatibility

Low Monthly Monitoring Cost

How much does SimpliSafe cost? 

SimpliSafe has two, 24/7 monitoring plans. "The Standard" is a home security service monitoring plan that costs $15/month. The standard plan uses a cellular connection through Verizon and T-Mobile.

"The Interactive" is a professional monitoring plan that costs $25/month.

This includes smart home integrations and alerts via mobile app, as well us unlimited camera recording. These monthly fees are lower than other home security systems.

Standard Monitoring Package: $15/month

  • 24/7 cellular monitoring
  • Smart home monitoring (fire, smoke, water, etc)

Interactive Monitoring Package: $25/month

  • 24/7 cellular monitoring
  • Smart home monitoring (fire, smoke, water, etc)
  • Smart home alarm system integrations (Amazon Alexa, Apple, August, Google Assistant)
  • Mobile SimpliSafe App use
  • Text alerts
  • Video verification and camera recording

SimpliSafe Has No Contracts

SimpliSafe does not require its customers to sign a long-term contract. Instead, their contracts are month-to-month. The company is able to do this because customers buy the home security systems up front, which means the up-front fees will be high. The equipment you purchase has a 3-year warranty and a 60-day money-back guarantee.

DIY Installation

DIY installation can be a pro or a con depending on the individual. SimpliSafe is good for those interested in buying their own home security equipment and setting up the sensors and keypad however they want.

Those who want the help of a technician can pay $79 for professional installation.

Voice Device Compatibility

SimpliSafe works with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to allow customers to control their smart home security with their voice. Unfortunately, SimpliSafe has not yet received approval from Apple to be compatible with the Apple Homekit.


  • SimpliSafe Complaints
  • High Upfront Fees
  • SimpliSafe Packages
  • SimpliSafe and Hackers

SimpliSafe Complaints

In 2019 so far, Best Home Security Company reviewers have given SimpliSafe an average customer rating of 3.5/10. It seems that customers give a negative SimpliSafe review more often than not. The biggest complaints of SimpliSafe are:

  • Sensors. Many customers report having to replace faulty sensors - not connecting to the overall home security system properly, or not sticking to the walls/doors. Specific reviews mention the carbon monoxide sensor.
  • Cheap Equipment. In addition to issues with the sensors, many report that they have experienced issues and glitches with the entire system.
  • False Alarms. Because of the sensor and equipment issues, customers are also reporting false alarms with the SimpliSafe system.
  • Customer Service. Reviewers mention that customer service is difficult to work with. Some customer reps have not been helpful in dealing with system issues customers have.

High Upfront Fees

SimpliSafe customers have to pay for their equipment upfront, which means they will pay a minimum of $229 upfront for SimpliSafe's most basic system, and over $775 for the most comprehensive system, a doorbell camera, and indoor cameras. This can be expensive for homeowners who don't have the funds to make a large payment upfront before receiving their home security equipment.

SimpliSafe Packages

Most packages include no contracts, 24/7 professional monitoring, and no phone line is needed. All offered packages come with a SimpliSafe base station, keypad, and sensors.

The Foundation: $229.00

This is the smallest equipment package SimpliSafe offers - made for small homes and apartments. It includes a main door sensor, motion sensor, SimpliSafe base station, and keypad. As with all plans, buyers can add on SimpliSafe products: a video doorbell (with two-way audio and motion alert) for $169, and SimpliSafe camera for $99. The camera offers motion alerts and you can stream live feed from your app.

The Essentials: $259.95

The next package from SimpliSafe is "The Essentials". Instead of one sensor, this package includes three door sensors. It comes with the base station and keypad.

The Hearth: $374.91

Additional equipment includes a base station, key fob, a smoke detector, and a 105dB siren. Only one motion sensor is included.

The Knox: $449.87

This kit is ideal for larger homes, as it includes twice as many sensors as the previous packages: six entry sensors and 2 motion sensors as well as a SimpliSafe base station.

The Haven: $489.86

While this package only includes four entry sensors, it also has a water sensor and a freeze sensor, which will alert you if the temperature in your home drops below 41 degrees. All of these home automation features can be monitored by the company's app.

The Fortress: $509.86

This security system is unique in its offering of two keypads - one for upstairs and for downstairs. This home security set also includes the base station, key fob, panic button, siren, two motion sensors, and six entry sensors.

SimpliSafe and Hackers

In years past, SimpliSafe has had issues with their hardware getting hacked as reported by Forbes back in February 2016. As recent as 2019, there were reports that the system could be compromised with a wireless emitter.

Our Recommendation

SimpliSafe is appealing to those in search of home security because of the low monthly monitoring fees. People are also drawn to SimpliSafe because of the DIY security system - they can install it on their own time wherever they want. However, customer service may not be able to help if you run into issues.

Many negative reviews about SimpliSafe's equipment (motion sensor and security cameras) lead us to believe the low monitoring costs are not worth it.

Additionally, customers will pay a lot up-front to buy sensors and other smart home devices that get a lot of negative reviews. If you do purchase SimpliSafe, the good news is that there are no contracts and the company offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

We recommend comparing SimpliSafe to the top-rated home security companies with professional monitoring and minimal upfront fees.

SimpliSafe vs Ring vs ADT

Simplisafe, Ring, and ADT all have things in common. For example, all three companies have their own mobile app for monitoring home security. Similarly, each company is upfront about its pricing:

  • ADT Professional Monitoring: $27.99 - $58.99 (monthly)
  • Simplisafe Professional Monitoring: $15 - $25 (monthly)
  • Ring Professional Monitoring: $10 (monthly)

However, there are a few important distinctions between the three companies. SimpliSafe and Ring do not require long-term contracts for its customers, while ADT's minimum contract length is 36 months. They also have very different customer and overall ratings:

  • SimpliSafe: Overall Score is 7.1/10 and Customer Score is 5.0/10
  • ADT: Overall Score is 5.9/10 and Customer Score is 1.1/10
  • Ring: Overall Score is 3.7/10 and Customer Score is 0/10

Of the three companies, our recommendation is SimpliSafe. However, there are much better home security companies than these three. For example, Vivint Smart Home has a 9.4 overall socre.

SimpliSafe Equipment Add-Ons

  • Video doorbell: $169 — Includes motion alerts and 2-way audio so you can see who is at your door from your phone.
  • Indoor camera: $99 — The SimpliCam indoor camera from Simplisafe sends motion alerts to your phone and streams live.
  • Siren: $59.99 — This alarm is 105db, completely wireless, and can be used in or outdoors.
  • Entry sensor: $14.99 — These are door and window sensors meant to detect a breach in entryways. 
  • Motion sensor: $29.99 — A motion detector uses either heat detection or radar to detect movement. Motion detection may also be included on an outdoor security camera.
  • Glass Break sensor: $34.00 — These sensors are able to detect the unique frequency of glass breaking. Once the frequency is detected an alarm is triggered.
  • Freeze sensor: $29.99 — A freeze detector is a temperature sensor that notifies home owners when temperatures drop below a predetermined point. Essentially, it a thermostat with an alarm.
  • Water / flood sensor: $19.99 — Detects the presence of water.
  • Smoke detector: $29.99 — Detects the presence of smoke.
  • Panic button: $19.99 — A manual panic button used for unique circumstances and emergencies that are not detectable by automatic sensors.
  • Keypad: $69.99 — A smart lock add on that can be a replacement for a key.
  • Keyfob: $24.99 — An automatic door unlock/lock.

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Ratings Breakdown
Monthly Monitoring Fee $15-$25
Install & Equipment Fee $229-$1000
Contract Length None
Cancellation Policy 60 Days
System Relocation Fee Free
Review Last Updated: June 23, 2020

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