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Slomin's provides customers with a number of home automation tools that allow them to monitor and control their home's security while they're away.

Customers can access door locks, thermostats, lighting, and both live and recorded video monitoring all from the conveniences of the Slomin's smartphone app.

Slomin's offers the following services for home and business: Security systems, home automation, heat, and cooling. Final purchases will need credit approval.

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  • Free Installation and Equipment
  • 24/7 Monitoring

Free Installation and Equipment

Slomin's Home Security guarantees professional installation on all projects, and estimates between four and six hours' installation time for each install (depending on the size of the job and the security features requested).

All equipment is free when you sign up for professional monitoring with Slomin's. For this reason, monthly alarm fees are slightly higher than for other companies.

24/7 Monitoring

Security customers can also rest easy with Slomin's round-the-clock security monitoring and fast response times. The company even provides a form of false alarm prevention by providing customers with a unique password to be used in the event of a false alarm.


  • 5-Year Contract
  • Average to Expensive Monthly Fees
  • Only Available in 10 States
  • Complaints Against Slomin's

5-Year Contract

Slomin's only offers a 60-month contract-two years longer than the standard 36-month contract offered by most home security companies. And while the company promises approximately $1,300 in free equipment by signing such a long contract, customers will be required to compensate Slomin's should they decide to terminate the contract before it expires.

Average To Expensive Monthly Fees

Monitoring service start at $33.95/month for home security services, but if customers request additional equipment (possibly including home automation, or heating and cooling features), they could be paying $46.95/month. Unfortunately, Slomin's gives no information on these other prices, and customers will be required to speak personally with a customer service representative in order to procure this information.

Free System includes panel and keypad, motion detector, up to 3 door contacts, window decals, lawn sign, communication device, and battery backup. Five year monitoring agreement required at $33.95/month for basic system. Promotion of free indoor video camera and mobile app control increases monitoring rate to $46.95/month.

Only Available in 10 States

Slomin's is only licensed in the following states:

  • California

  • Connecticut

  • Delaware

  • Florida

  • Georgia

  • Maryland (and DC)

  • New Jersey

  • New York

  • Pennsylvania

  • Virginia

Complaints Against Slomin's

The Slomin's reviews on Best Home Security Companys are mostly negative - especially in 2019. Some common themes of these reviews include:

  • Poor customer service. The customer service is described as rude, and often trying to upsell customers.
  • Contract. There are many complaints about Slomin's 5-year contract. This is the longest length contract in home security. Customers report that breaking their contract have run them anywhere from $1000 to $2000. There are a few reviews that reference a 2-year contract. Some people report a miscommunication from what they were told their contract said, and what their contract actually said.
  • Alarm maintenance issues. There are several reports of poor quality equipment, and alarm issues that required a technician to fix.

Our Recommendation

Slomin's has mixed information on how much their monthly alarm monitoring fees are and what is actually included in those packages. The negative reviews on customer service and the fact that they are only available in 10 states, makes us not recommend using Slomin's. To find a cheaper home security system that is in your state, check out Cove or Vivint Smart Home.

About Slomin's Home Security

The Slomin's Shield System - $33.95+/month

This is the only alarm package advertised on Slomin's website. It comes with basic home monitoring equipment and one indoor camera. Price starts at $33.95 a month (we assume this is for 60 months). Equipment upgrades and add ons will result in a higher monthly fee. You can monitor your system with the mySlomin's mobile app.

Motion detector

Door sensors (3)

Control keypad (touchscreen upgrade)

Indoor video camera (live stream)

Keychain remote

Company name sign

The Slomin's Shield Home Automation System Devices - $29.95+/month

The company also offers a package that focuses on home automation controlled from the mySolmin's app. Package includes:

  • Light control
  • Front door lock
  • Garage door opener
  • Smart thermostat
  • Appliance control (turn a plugged-in appliance on and off from your phone)

They seem to offer several other pieces of alarm equipment, although it's unclear whether or not you can build your own security system with them. Other equipment includes a control panel, motion/window detectors, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, water sensors, glass break sensors, z-wave device, and pan tilt zoom cameras.

For commercial security systems, Slomin's offer the following solutions:
  • Access Control - Choose whether you need Badge Access, Gate or Door Control, Photo IDs, Time and Attendance Monitoring, and Fingerprint Reading.
  • Video Cameras - In case you need to keep track of lost items or goods, point of sales, events, and live monitoring.
  • Camera Options - bullet video cameras, vandal-resistant domes, infrared, outdoor cameras, vari-focal, etc.
  • Live and Remote Viewing
  • Digital Video Recording
  • Digital Video Recorders

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