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Xfinity Home Security (Comcast)


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Xfinity is a subsidiary of Comcast Corporation, which markets cable TV, wireless services, telephone, and internet. Included in those services is Xfinity Home Security.

The company provides Xfinity home control through smart home security devices and monitoring services. Xfinity offers security monitoring to existing customers for an additional $29.99 - $39.99 per month. Xfinity Home Security is unavailable in: NV, MT, WY, ND, SD, NE, OK, IA, HI, AK, RI.

Xfinity Home Security vs. Vivint Smart Home

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  • Enhanced Professional Monitoring
  • Alarm Mode Options
  • Xfinity Home Mobile App

Enhanced Professional Monitoring

Xfinity home security systems offer around-the-clock professional monitoring. This specific type of security monitoring allows customers to get notifications and real-time alerts.

The Xfinity home security plan includes:

  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • Smart Home Control
  • Real-Time Alerts
  • Cellular System Backup
  • Live HD Video
  • Xfinity Home App
  • Works with Xfinity X1 (see video on your TV)

In addition to Xfinity home packages, customers may purchase additional Xfinity devices like door/window sensors, indoor/outdoor camera, security camera systems, Xfinity router, Xfinity modem, zen thermostat, outlet controller, smoke detector, and motion sensors separately.

Alarm Mode Options

Customers can get a few different home automation Xfinity alarm modes with their home security system: Arm away, Arm stay, and Arm night.

  • Arm away alarm mode allows the customer to enable their home motion sensor when they are in the process of leaving their home.
  • Arm stay alarm mode allows the customer to arm their home security system while they are in their home. This system ensures that customers can move freely throughout their home while the system is armed.
  • Arm night alarm mode allows customers to get alerts if their perimeters are breached while the motion sensor for their home is disabled.

Xfinity Home Mobile App

Xfinity offers customers an app that allows customers to receive real-time alert notifications on their devices and allows them to control their home from wherever they are. Customers can control their thermostat, their lights, and more.

The app also gives customers live video monitoring of their home at no extra cost. Customers do need to purchase xfinity security cameras, however, in order to obtain live video monitoring. Those who choose to purchase the live video package will get the indoor outdoor camera.

Xfinity Home Security offers a 'camera with recording' package as well that customers can choose.


  • Two-Year Contract & Fluctuating Prices
  • Additional Xfinity Services Required
  • Core Xfinity Customer Service Complaints

Two-Year Contract & Fluctuating Prices

Xfinity Home security requires a two-year contract at minimum. This is very similar to other service providers in the market but with one major difference.

Xfinity contractually reserves the right to increase customers' monthly monitoring fees after the first year of service, that's why the cost for 24/7 professional monitoring is listed as "29.95/month for 12 months" out of a 24-month contract.

Additional Xfinity Services Required

Individuals cannot purchase Xfinity Home Security unless they are already customers of Xfinity (internet, cable, phone, etc). For the most basic home security package, customers are required to have their high-speed internet service.

For the more comprehensive home security package, customers are required to have one of their "home packages" which includes a bundle of both internet and TV services.

Because of these requirements, it creates a situation where customers are paying much more each month then they may have originally planned just to get access to Xfinity home automation.

Core Xfinity Customer Service Complaints

Former and current Xfinity customers on the home security side have complained of problems with delays of service, billing issues resulting in extra fees, and poor Xfinity customer service over the phone.

A majority of the consumer reviews we have received regarding Xfinity have been negative experiences with the home security service.

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Our Recommendation

As a home automation provider, Xfinity security does not compete with other companies. For starters, there have been several negative Xfinity home security reviews- specifically about their two-year contract with fluctuating monthly monitoring costs. Additionally, customers must obtain extra services in order to get access to Xfinity home security systems.

In comparison to ADT, Vivint, and Ring Alarm, Xfinity does a better job of keeping its customers happy through its monitoring services, but still falls short of the home security systems of Frontpoint Security, Link Interactive, and Protect America.

We do not recommend Xfinity Home Security at this time because you have to purchase other services from them, they can change your monthly fees, and they have negative customer reviews. We recommend looking into companies such as Cove and Vivint Smart Home.

How Much is Xfinity Home Security?

Basic Home Security Package: $29.99/month

  • 24/7 professional monitoring
  • Base station - Control hub (touchscreen)
  • Wireless keypad
  • 3 window/door sensors
  • 1 motion sensor

Video Home Security Monitoring: $39.99/month

  • All features of the home security package
  • Xfinity Home Security Camera (Indoor camera)
  • Live stream video

Those who want to add on equipment to their 24/7 monitoring service will need to purchase devices individually:

  • Door/window sensor: (1) $49.95; (3) $129.95; (5) $199.95
  • Indoor/outdoor camera: $195.95
  • Motion detectors: $49.95
  • Outlet controller: $49.95
  • Smoke detector: $99.95
  • Zen Thermostat: $199.95

Xfinity Home Security vs Protect America & Vivint

The biggest difference between Xfinity Home Security and Protect America is that Xfinity Home Security is offered as an add on to their other services - not as a stand-alone. Additionally, Xfinity customer rate the company 2/10, as opposed to the 8/10 rating Protect America customers give them.

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