4 Common Home Security Mistakes

Like most people, you rely on a home security system to protect property, personal belongings and family. However, it takes a lot of time and planning to design a security system that covers and protects certain areas of your home. For instance, you may need to have two cameras that cover blind spots at each exterior entryway of your home or a camera to cover the landscape. Also, there is the matter of protecting the inside of your home like hallways, stairways, windows and doors. So, it is important to know the four most common mistakes an individual makes with home security to keep you and your family safe.

Upper level home security

Upper floor windows are vulnerable and robbers know it because securing the basement and first floor areas are what people think of first. Property owners rarely think that the upper level windows can be burglarized. This can happen when a burglar has the opportunity to scale up a structure close to the house. For instance, a burglar can break-in by climbing from a tree planted to close to the house, a ladder stored in an unlocked shed or by climbing fences or balconies. For those reasons a good home security system should also cover the upper levels of your home.

Utilizing the Wrong Home Security Cameras

Thinking that all security cameras are the same is the biggest mistake people make when purchasing security cameras. You should purchase cameras that are used for specific areas in or around your home. For instance, a front door requires a security camera that provides clear details like the people's faces. However, if you want a security camera for your driveway or parking area, then you would choose a wide angle camera. Remember, home security cameras are not all the same.

Home Security Alarms not Frequently Used

Not using the alarm system is like not having one at all. One of the biggest mistakes homeowners and family members make is not activating their home security alarm when they are away or at home. Each member should remember to activate the alarm when he or she is the last person to leave the home. This ensures the home is always protected. Another time to activate the home alarm system is at at night. Using this precaution protects your family when everyone is asleep for the night.

Using Home Security Wireless Passwords that Don't Work

Another big mistake homeowners make when picking a password is using one that it is usually known by friends or family members. Using a simple or weak pass-phrase that can easily be figured out by anyone, even a burglar, doesn't protect your home and personal property. For example, using a favorite sports team or pet name is not advised.

These kinds of passwords are weak and anyone with a computer can guess the password and connect to your wireless network system. When someone can guess the password, he or she can hack you're your security system to turn it on and off. Thus, this leaves you unprotected and vulnerable to anyone who wants access to your home.

Therefore, use a strong home security system password to allow the system to work the way it should-protecting your home from intruders.

When using a home security system to protect your home, it's vital to avoid these common mistakes such as not securing the upper floors of your home. Remember, burglars are waiting for the perfect, unsecured home to break into whether homeowners are there or not. You shouldn't let your home be the one a burglar select.