5 Things You Must Know About Home Security Systems


New technology means that homeowners have more options for improving your home's security. There are many home protection services available, mobile phone apps and even automated dimmer switches. Here are five things that you should know about home security:

New Players Bring in New, Affordable Options

With so many home security options entering the fray each year, there is a change in the industry. In fact, many companies are selling simple do-it-yourself installation services, which eliminate fees. Prices also vary depending on the type of equipment and level of monitoring, so in the first year, consumers may pay, on average, as little as $250, but can go up to more than $1,500.

A Phone Can Keep You Safe

A basic security system will cost from around $20 to $30 a month, but for just a few more dollars, you can also use a mobile app. This allows you to use a smartphone or tablet to see alerts, arm the system and turn off any false alarms, even when not home.

Not All Systems Alert the Cops

Firms are starting to not offer monitoring in basic packages, which is how police know there is an issue. Removing this option averages a savings of about $10 to $15 each month.

Customer Service Is More Important Than You Realize

Since so many companies have similar technology, it is service that makes a security company stand out. Before choosing a provider, look into reviews from websites such as BestHomeSecurityCompanys.com. Keep in mind that national companies are only as good as local dealer. Also make sure to only use a company that has 24/7 support.

The Professionals Are Not the Only Choice

Approximately 80% of homeowners do not have a security system, but there are other ways to fend off break-ins. One way is to trim shrubbery that can serve as a shelter for a burglar. Also, consider security company stickers, which are available online at websites such as eBay, to deter thieves. Automated dimmer switches can also help, as the bad guys often look for dark, empty homes to target.

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