Are ADT Dealerships the Real Deal?

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Their blue sign is recognized as one of America's most trusted security brands and with over 6 million customers, ADT is clearly doing something right. They've been in business for almost 140 years and are continuing to grow their security empire. ADT offers home security, automation and health solutions for their customers. In addition, ADT offers dealership programs for outside companies to sell and install ADT products. Currently, they have 400 authorized dealers.

ADT offers quality home security options, but how do you decide between ADT and an authorized dealership? Who's the real deal when it comes to home security needs? Here are the facts to consider when deciding between ADT and ADT dealerships.


ADT offers both home and business solutions for customers. These include:

  • Home security
  • Home automation
  • Home health
  • Business security
  • Business automation

With each of these services, ADT has unique features and technology advances to make security easier for the customer. One of these features is the ADT Pulse system which combines home security with home automation. This essentially allows customers to control their systems from their smart phones or other mobile devices.

ADT customer monitoring centers are available 24/7/365 to ensure a quick emergency response to protect customers. Prices for home security start at $28.99 per month. This prices does not include installation fees, contract length and extra features. Prices for other security options, like home health, vary on feature details and are not offered by ADT dealerships.

As a security company, ADT offers a variety of options for security needs in your life.

ADT Dealerships

This quote by Joe Schlitz, ADT's  vice president of sales explains their view of the dealership programs.

"The authorized dealer program is an essential and core part of ADT's business," Joe Schlitz, ADT's vice president of sales, said in an article featured on "When we split from Tyco, the residential business really became the core focus for ADT, and the authorized dealer channel is pivotal to that residential market."

ADT offers a dealership program for entrepreneurial companies who want to install authorized ADT home security systems. Becoming authorized as a dealer allows companies to maintain control and leadership of their company while selling a trusted brand. With that being said, they only sell the home security solutions, which includes ADT Pulse system.

As always, customers will have 24/7/365 monitoring.

Each dealership goes through ADT's training. ADT comes directly to their location to train and certify the company. ADT teaches current cirriculum about marketing and sales techniques to ensure the best for its customers. Some of these trainings include:

  • Advanced Leadership Training for Sales Managers
  • Door Knocking Training (classroom and field)
  • Advanced Door Knocking (ADK) (classroom and field)
  • Professional Sales Workshop (ADK) classroom and field)
  • Partnership Marketing (PM) (classroom and field)

ADT dealerships get paid by customers directly when they make a successful installation. After that, they earn weekly compensation when the system goes online. ADT wants its dealerships to focus on their clients, so they take control of accounting after a sale of an alarm is made.

So what?

After comparing the both ADT and ADT dealerships, both seem like good options. Since all dealerships are ADT authorized, the technology of the security systems are just like those offered directly from ADT. Prices vary depending on the the supplier, but they are the same systems that are installed. The only down side to using an ADT dealership is they only install home security systems. If you go directly to ADT, they have other security options for businesses and extra features for home systems. Since the products are the same, you can't go wrong with the actual security system. However, it would be wise to do your research when looking at an ADT dealership. Each dealership is different and may offer different installation fees, quality of the company or availability window to install. Based on the product each are selling, both ADT and ADT dealerships are the real deal for you home security needs.

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