Cameras Improve Home Security


One or more security cameras around a home can help improve security and can give the homeowner peace of mind when they're out and about working or traveling.

Most electronics stores sell security cameras. There are small models that look like webcams for indoor use. But just because it is small, that does not mean it does not need to do much.

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 10.04.42 AMThe opposite is true actually. A small camera should be able to pan 300 degrees and have a 120-degree tilt. Another useful tool is a microphone. It can pick up any nearby sounds. Many have speakers so you can talk to someone downstairs or soothe your crying baby without getting out of bed.

An outdoor camera needs to be a bit more rugged to endure the great outdoors and mother nature. An outdoor camera should be waterproof and have weatherproof housing and remote internet monitoring from any computer. Other features might include infrared LEDs for night vision and a 6mm lens for a 42-degree viewing angle.

If you want to keep track of the house while you are away, both indoor and outdoor cameras are compatible with many excellent apps for smartphones like IP Cam Viewer, Drop Cam, and Live Cams Pro.

If you want to secure a small condo or apartment, a simple wireless camera will do the trick. It will also save the higher cost of installing a traditional surveillance system.

When it comes right down to it, the mere presence of a surveillance camera can help prevent everything from a residential home invasion to business vandalism.

It can provide evidence if a crime does happen. Video surveillance has been helpful in the conviction of many criminals.

When looking for a security camera, there is a lot to consider. Check out this guide for the Best Security Cameras for 2018 to help make the decision-making process a little easier.

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