Costco Selling Link Home Security Systems

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Costco members looking for a great deal on home security need to look no further than the retail store's website. Link Home Security is an affordable option available through the Costco website. (BHSC) is a home security review site that has nearly 120 home security companies ranked and reviewed on their website. However, Link Home Security is the only company listed that is sold through Costco that comes with monitoring services.

"Consumers who are Costco members may want to look into the Link Home Security option available online," Carlie McKeon, BHSC PR Director, said. "They are affordable and allow consumers to customize their home security system to fit their home."

Link Home Security is also available to those who are not necessarily members of Costco.

"Link Home Security has a business plan similar to most home security companies within the industry," McKeon explained. "What sets them apart is they are available through Costco, which adds validity to the quality of their product and service."

Link Home Security continues to improve and has made a name for themselves in the home security industry over the last few years. It is anticipated that they will continue to improve their service and product in years to come.

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