Create the Ultimate Auto Survival Kit

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So what really are all the survival items you should keep in your car? A pre-packaged emergency safety kit may contain many items like a booster cables, flairs etc. You can also put together one of these rather than buy one. Other items it should include: first aid supplies, your medical insurance information, painkillers, instructions for Heimlich maneuver and other emergency treatments, tourniquet, and more:

  1. Crushed aspirin, bottled water.
  2. Your car's manual.
  3. Spare tire (make sure it's in good condition), tire jack and tire iron.
  4. Tire inflator and sealer.
  5. Jumper cables and emergency battery booster.
  6. Tire pressure gauge.
  7. Duct tape and WD-40. It's amazing how well these items work for car repairs.
  8. Auto repair information (e.g., an auto repair shop business card, contact info for your insurance or AAA, insurance claim forms).
  9. A "get home" kit. This should include spare keys for your car and home, and cash.
  10. Tool & survival kit (match/fire starter, "do everything" knife, energy bars, etc.)
  11. Seatbelt cutter/window breaker (sold online).
  12. Flares or reflective triangle, and mirror to reflect sunlight (to catch attention of aircraft searching for you).
  13. Paper map, compass.
  14. Ear horn, whistle, pepper spray.
  15. Sign that says "call police." If you're stranded, put this inside back rear window, so motorists can see it. A troublemaker passing by is not likely to mess with you since he won't know if the police have already been called and are on their way.
  16. Ice scraper.
  17. Mylar space blanket and regular blanket.
  18. Carpet remnant to create traction when placed under tires in the snow.
  19. Hand towels/rags, toilet paper.
  20. Paper and pen/pencil/marker.
  21. Umbrella, rain gear, gloves, boots, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen.
  22. Miniature shovel.
  23. Plastic bags. Wear between socks and shoes to keep out wetness/snow, and seal around end of tree branch to trap and condense water.
  24. Stash of emergency money including change.
  25. Spare clothes, socks, underwear, sneakers.
  26. USB mobile device charger and cell phone.
  27. And food. Always have a stash of water and granola bars that wont melt in the heat or freeze in the cold.

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