Home Safety While on Vacation

Summer is rapidly approaching, which means your vacation plans are right around the corner. You don't have to find a house sitter to keep your home safe while you are gone. There are other ways to make it look like there is activity at your home without actually have someone there.

The last thing you need to be thinking about while on your vacation is whether or not your home is safe. Prepare ahead of time so you can relax while you are away.

  • Lights are critical during your time away from home both inside and outside. Setting up motion sensor lights around your home is a good way to keep intruders off your property. It is also a good idea to set timers on your inside and outside lights. It is even better if you download an app that allows you to vary the times at which they turn on and off.
  • Stop your mail or have a trusted neighbor collect it for you. If your mail box starts to pile up, it is a sure sign that no one is at home and is looked as an open invitation for thieves.
  • Pick up any spare keys you may have lying around your property. You don't want someone to stumble upon those while you are gone.
  • Don't advertise that you are going to be gone on social media outlets. There are people aside from your friends and followers that can access your updates. You don't want to make it easy for everyone to see that you are going to be gone.
  • Use a safe or deposit box to store valuable property. If for some reason a thief gets inside your home, you want that extra security to make sure your most precious possessions remain untouched.
  • Every possible entrance to your home needs to be locked. Before you leave on your trip, double check and make sure all windows and door are securely locked. That also included sheds and garages because items can be stolen from there as well.
  • Call your security system provider and notify them that you are going to be on vacation. If you do not have a security system, it is a good idea to purchase one.

Travel this summer without worrying about your home. You don't need to hire a house sitter while you are gone to effectively protect your home from theft or damages. Take precautionary steps before you leave and then enjoy your vacation free of stress.