If Apple Made Home Automation and Security

Imagine if Apple entered the home automation and security business! How exciting would that be. Let's say that your name is Mr. Smith and you're headed back home from a business trip having been out of the country for a couple of weeks. About 30 minutes away from home Siri gently turns down the music you are listening to and her voice comes through your car audio system, via Bluetooth on your iPhone asking, "Mr. Smith, would you like me to turn the heat on in your home?" You answer, "Yes" and automatically the temperature on the thermostats in your home rise from 62 degrees to a toasty 71 degrees in preparation for your arrival. Siri confirms that the change has taken place and your music gradually fades back in. And that's only the beginning...

About fifteen minutes later Siri again comes across your car audio system to ask you another question. "Would you like me to turn the lights on in your home now Mr. Smith?" You answer, "In five minutes turn the lights on in the entry way, the kitchen, my bedroom and my bathroom Siri. Also start the hot water in my bathroom shower in ten minutes." "How hot sir?" "110 degrees, as usual."

Five minutes from home you pull out your phone and ask Siri to show you your bathroom. You know that the shower is on and that it is nice and steamy at this point but you still can't get over how exciting it is to have a fully integrated home automation system built on the genius ingenuity of Apple, incorporating, as is always their modus operandi, proprietary software and hardware.


One of the greatest benefits of Apple's business model is security. When you use an Apple product you rarely if ever, have to worry about viruses, malware, etc. What if your home security system was built on that same infrastructure? Your home security system would go to the next level. Using some form of Apple OS, maybe even a specially designed OS, would not only increase the reliably of basic security features but would safeguard you for the inevitable future where people will use computers to break into your house.

The Cloud

Cloud technology has already changed the way we store and interact with data. With a home security and automation system plugged in to Apples iCloud your access would only be bound by your imagination. Whether you want to check your back yard while across the country by viewing your backyard camera via your iPhone or iPad or you want to turn your sprinklers on because the weather man got it wrong again, you can do that too!


Siri is one smart...cat? Well, whatever she is she is smart. And she is getting smarter with each new iOS release. What would you have her do? Turn on your coffee pot in the morning? Start your car and warm it up on a cold winter morning? How about save you money? That's probably the most amazing idea of all. She would be able to determine your electrical usage and you could set goals that she would flawlessly help you achieve by dimming a light here or turning the HVAC system up or down there. Chances are, Siri could help you save money in ways you've never even imagined such as helping you use less water or become more efficient as you're getting ready for work.

An Apple home security and automation system! Now that's a thought! What else can you imagine using it for? Chances are it will be here soon!

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