New Homeowner's Security Tips

Among all of the stress you have to undergo when becoming a new homeowner, you can't forget to put security in your home as a priority. Add these things to your checklist of things to do, and start your stay at your new home feeling safe and ready.

Access a crime report of your neighborhood:

You can do this by going online or asking your local police department. These reports will help you be aware of common patterns of frequent burglaries in the area or any other security issues. If you are moving into an entirely new area, it won't be a bad idea to drive around your new home town and take note of the closest police department, fire department and emergency rooms. Take down each of the phone numbers and put it in a visible area in your home.

Introduce yourself:

Visit your neighborhood and be familiar with your new home, neighborhood and neighbors. Neighbors who are well acquainted with each other tend to have a safer neighborhood as they are more willing to relay signs of caution to each other. Ask if they are comfortable exchanging numbers with you for emergency purposes. Not only will this make the move an easier transition for you, but you will also feel more comfortable in a new environment quicker.

Change your locks:

As a new homeowner, you probably don't know much about the previous occupants. Change all of your locks in your home as soon as possible because you don't not know how many copies of the old keys were given out to friends, family or service providers. Invest in deadbolts and if there is already a security alarm, change the code and let the provider know of the new ownership.

Break down boxes:

One you have finished unpacking, break down all of your boxes before taking them to the curb to be picked up. Without doing this, it can let people who drive by to quickly see what type of merchandise is in the house and let burglars know what is inside the home without actually going in.

Take a tour:

Although you probably inspected the inside of your home to make sure you liked the layout, size and practicality, it's best to take another tour with a different goal in mind. Walk around your new home and look for lack of outside lighting, weak door and window locks, missing deadbolts and any other questionable home security targets. On the outside of your home look for places that could make good hiding spots and places that would be best for a motion light detector.