Turn Smart Phones Into Home Security Sytems

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What to do with that old smartphone of yours?

Well, you could turn it into a home security system. Just download the free Presence app on your old iOS device, pair it with your new fancy iPhone, and like magic, you now have a home security system.

You now have a top notch security camera and motion detector thanks to the fantastic video capabilities of your old gadget. You can use it to keep an eye on your home base in real time, and have it send you alerts when there is something fishy going on.

Download Presence and get 50MB of free encrypted cloud video storage for motion detection recordings. Upgrade to Presence Pro Video for advanced motion detection features and 5GB of storage. Presence is fully iOS 8 compatible.

Presence makes a great webcam, baby monitor, pet cam, nanny cam, surveillance cam, or do-it-yourself security system. Get motion detection video alerts, and even view whats happening in real time from your quick connecting Presence camera.

Get notified when an intruder is detected, when the kids arrive home safely, when the delivery company has dropped off a package. or whatever makes you feel more informed and secure. If motion is detected in your home lights or other devices can automatically switch on.

Presence supports multiple simultaneous viewers, connecting to a single camera, so you and anyone you designate can watch the dog or the kids at the same time from two different devices and locations.

Presence is today enabling energy conservation programs with utility companies across North America helping people monitor, control and save electricity, reducing their monthly electric bills.

Think about going "green" by recycling that old smartphone and put it to good use.


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