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DIY Home Security companies are cheaper and easier to use than normal home security companies. The downside is that you generally don't get the same quality of customer service with DIY security.

The other obvious downside is that you have to install the security devices and system yourself, which can be a huge pain depending on which DIY home security company you go with — that's why we've put together this list of the best DIY security companies in the nation.

We use customer reviews, company details, and experts to determine which companies will provide the greatest value to our users (remember, it's not just a price thing, though that's a huge part of it).

We highly recommend customers compare the home security companies on our site against each other to determine which will be best for your home.

Cove Security Review


  • Excellent Monthly Price
  • DIY Security
  • Occasional Discounts
  • Positive Reviews






  • No Professional Installation

Cove Security has one of the most affordable home security systems that we review. Focusing on cellular security systems that you can install yourself, Cove does not require a contract for professional monitoring, meaning you can cancel or move anytime.

The company also offers very generous discounts throughout the year. For example, Cove’s 2020 Fall Sale included a 45% discount on home security equipment and a free camera.

Cove Price

Cove Basic costs $14.99/month and comes with a one-year equipment warranty, 24/7 live professional monitoring, and 24-hour battery backup among many other things.

Cove Plus costs $24.99/month and comes with a lifetime warranty, smartphone control, and $5/month equipment reward.

The upfront pricing with Cove will vary, but generally ends up costing around $400.

Cove Security Quality

Security systems from Cove come with a lifetime warranty if you purchase the Cove Plus plan. With Cove Plus, customers won't have to worry about expensive replacements for unfortunate malfunctions.

Cove's Basic package includes the following service features:

  • One Year Equipment Warranty
  • 24/7 Live Alarm Monitoring
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Cellular Monitoring
  • TripleTouch Communications
  • 24-Hour Battery Backup
  • Automated System Check (hourly)
  • 100% 4G LTE Connection
  • Smash & Grab Protection

Cove's security system and security camera devices are reliable and, in the case of malfunction or difficulty with installation, the company's customer service is highly responsive to customer concerns.

Perhaps the most comparable to Cove's security system is the Ring alarm security kit, as both are extremely easy to install. However, the reason we love Cove is because it has received so many positive reviews and does not require a contract to sign up.

As with every DIY security system, customer service should be at the top of the minds of every inquiring customer. We believe that Cove has one of the best customer service scores of any DIY security system.

What Do Customers Say About Cove?

Cove customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive, receiving a 4.8-star rating out of 5 from over 200 customers (as of October 2020) on Best Company.

One customer referred to the company as "professional and prompt" and stated that Cove has excellent customer support.

Another customer stated that Cove has the best customer service she's ever experienced in her life.

In fact, most of Cove's customer reviews applaud the company's quick response times and fantastic customer service.

Other points of praise for Cove's unique home security solution include:

  • Easy-to-install security system
  • Perfect pricing
  • Excellent product reliability

Cove Pros and Cons

Cove provides a very affordable DIY installation home security option. Actually, Cove is our preferred DIY home security company.

What's so good about Cove? Think of it as Ring alarm, but with good customers reviews. It's affordable, easy-to-install, offers customizable systems, includes 24-hour shipping, and comes with a 60-day risk-free trial.

Worried you won't get a professionally monitored system with Cove? There's absolutely nothing to worry about — you can choose self monitoring or professional monitoring for a very low monthly fee.

As far as the exact pros for Cove go, the company has excellent monthly prices, offers easy-to-install DIY security, offers occasional discounts, and has a great customer review score.

One downside is that Cove does not offer professional installation.