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The Best Affordable Home Security Companies

Only 17% of homes in the United States have home security systems — that’s not nearly enough.

Meanwhile, 83% of burglars check for a home security system before breaking into a home and police solve just 13% of all burglary cases. Still thinking of going without home security? Sure, there are a few home security companies that give the industry a bad rep, but we’ll talk about how you can spot those in a minute.

There are a load of ways to save money when it comes to your home. For example, finding a lender for good mortgage rates can save you thousands over the course of the loan (give or take 30 years). An affordable home security system can protect that new home from theft.

Here’s a comprehensive list of the cheapest home security companies, with the #1 ranked home security company at the top of the list.

Potential customers searching for a good option can simply scroll until they see one that fits their needs.

Note: While these are the “cheapest” home security companies, it does not mean they lack quality. We at BHSC believe it’s important to save money, but we believe quality should come before low cost. Never choose a bad home security to save a few bucks upfront; you’ll most likely end up paying more in the long run.

Cove Home Security

Cove Smart Logo

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Professional Monitoring: $17.99/mo

Upfront Cost (cheapest package): $486.00 (plus 40% to 60% off)

Discounts: Frequent

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Cove Home Security is our favorite DIY home security solution among all of the cheaper home security companies for the following reasons:

Company Overview
  • 4.6 / 5 Star Customer Rating
  • 9.2 / 10 Overall
  • Custom Home Security (Pick-and-choose)
  • Highly Positive Customer Reviews
  • Self OR Pro Monitoring
  • No Contracts
  • Cove Security has earned the #1 spot on our list because of its high customer reviews. Cove reviews are overwhelmingly positive about the ease of purchase and installation, to say nothing of the effectiveness of having a professional home security system.

    One thing we love about Cove is that they do not rely on door-to-salesmen and do not make promises they cannot keep — this results in a lack of complaints that traditional home security companies are bombarded with.

    Combined with their quality home security system and the ease of installation, Cove’s customer service is unhindered and can focus on each customer to resolve issues quickly, effectively, and painlessly. 

    Cove’s customer service offers fast text notifications and 24/7 access to representatives to assist clients in any situation.

    Cove costs $17.99/mo to $27.99/mo for monitoring and may charge up to $399 for equipment. The company often offers deals on its cheapest system (currently $486.00 plus 40% to 60% off).

    Blue by ADT

    Blue by ADT logo

    Professional Monitoring: $19.99/mo

    Upfront Cost (cheapest package): $179.99+

    Promotions: Frequent

    ADT, seeking to expand into DIY home security and smart home technology, acquired LifeShield Security and rebranded it to Blue by ADT.

    The company is newer in the industry and just recently announced the creation of Blue by ADT in January 2020.

    We like Blue by ADT for the following reasons:

    • Very Affordable (See Pricing).
    • Experienced backer in ADT.
    • Up-and-coming smart home security.

    The fact that Blue by ADT is a newer company means it will be especially careful with customers in order to ensure positive customer reviews.

    A massive brand like ADT knows the power of reviews and will make sure Blue by ADT gets enough funding and budget to serve its customers, create effective smart home products, and provide top-of-the-line professional monitoring for those who choose it.

    We also love the companies that allow customers to choose between self and professional monitoring.

    Customers do not have the burden of signing a contract and being locked into expensive fees — this really is one of the main advantages to Blue by ADT’s service.


    abode security logo

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    Professional Monitoring: $8.33/mo

    Upfront Cost (cheapest package): $209+

    Promotions: Frequent

    *Note from CEO: Customers can cancel, add-on, or modify services at any time. Monitoring prices subject to change after 1 year (or before) depending on what services customers decide to keep, renew, or cancel.*

    abode is definitely one of the more affordable home security solutions available to customers trying to stay within a budget.

    We like abode for the following reasons:

    • Customizable
    • Optional self or professional monitoring
    • Very affordable professional monitoring

    CEO of abode, Chris Carney describes the company as providing “low-cost, high-quality solutions [that] are designed to allow consumers to secure their home on their own terms.”

    Many home security companies, especially the more traditional ones will offer home security systems with very few customizability options. This means that most systems will be the same and few will actually fit the specific security needs of the homeowner.

    Carney continues, “Consumers should seek out modular home security systems that allow them to add-on devices, sensors, and services that make sense for their unique household. Home security is not “one size fits all” and consumers should have the freedom and flexibility to outfit their homes appropriately.”

    Customers can cancel, add-on, or modify services at any time. Monitoring prices subject to change after 1 year (or before) depending on what services customers decide to keep, renew, or cancel.


    SimpliSafe Logo

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    Professional Monitoring: $14.99/mo

    Upfront Cost (cheapest package): $229

    Promotions: Infrequent

    SimpliSafe is a reputable and affordable DIY home security company. Because they have a more well-known brand, they do not need to offer deals or promotions as frequently as Cove, or Blue.

    However, SimpliSafe has proven itself time and time again to be a high-quality home security provider that does a good job of responding to customer complaints and resolving maintenance issues.

    Here’s why we like SimpliSafe:

    • Affordable home security system.
    • No contracts required.
    • DIY or professional installation.

    The other thing about SimpliSafe is that its customer reviews are surprisingly positive for how many there are. 


    Professional Monitoring: $9.99/mo

    Upfront Cost (cheapest package): Free Indoor Camera

    Promotions: Free camera packages

    Canary provides a free Canary View indoor security camera as a means of enabling their Premium Service, which is an extremely affordable $9.99/mo according to their on-site advertising.

    Canary's Premium service includes 24/7 Watch Live, full-length video clips with 30-day video history, advanced person detection, one-tap to police access, personal safety button, incident support, and an extended 2-year warranty among other benefits.

    We like Canary for the following reasons:

    • Monitoring-first service
    • Free camera
    • Simplified security

    Canary is specifically useful for homeowners who just want the minimum hassle of no installation, no contract, and low cost home security. 

    Sergio Flores, Executive VP of Product at Canary emphasizes the difference between their solution and the rest of the home security industry, “we see our high-tech hardware cameras as “service enablers” rather than the core of our product, and therefore we believe that everyone should easily have access to them. In order to enable this, our new offerings give you access to a high-tech camera for free (up to $169 in value) as long as you opt-in for a monthly home security fee (from $8.99/month) which gives you complete access to our security features and 30-day video history.”


    Ring Security Logo

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    Professional Monitoring: $10.00/mo

    Upfront Cost (cheapest package): $199.99

    Promotions: Occasional

    Ring Home Security offers professional monitoring services for just $10.00/mo, which is about $15 below average per month. Additionally, Ring offers very affordable packages for home security devices.

    The company points out to potential customers that they could save $500 in the first year by picking Ring in comparison to other home security providers.

    Here’s why we like Ring Home Security

    • Low cost
    • No contract
    • DIY and self installation

    Using cellular monitoring technology, Ring focuses mainly on doorbell cameras that can detect movement and notify homeowners and police of suspicious activity.

    Another benefit of Ring Home Security is that if customers don’t want professional monitoring, they don’t have to purchase it and can instead choose to monitor their system themselves. Those who are interested in professional monitoring are welcome to take advantage of the company’s free 30-day trial.

    Ring provides home security equipment and professional alarm monitoring nationwide. Customers purchase all alarm equipment upfront and can add monitoring with cellular backup for $10 per month (or self-monitor with the Ring alarm app at no cost).

    The company responds to an alarm in an average of 30 seconds.

    DIY: The Cheapest Home Security

    Customers may notice that the cheapest home security solutions are almost always DIY security providers.

    Let’s take a look at why that is.

    DIY vs. Professional Installation

    There are always pros and cons to every type of security system, but I have a strong preference for DIY home security solutions.

    That’s because there are simply too many unnecessary services with traditional home security companies that require contracts.

    For example, professional installation should be avoided if possible, if only to save a bit of cash upfront (it can usually cost anywhere from $100 - $500, depending on the size of your house).

    Fortunately for home security customers, there are many home security systems designed to make the installation process as easy as possible. Usually, professional monitoring services are still available to customers who install the system themselves.

    Daniel Walsh, from Smart Home Perfected points out that “unlike home security systems with professional monitoring and installation, these standalone systems can be set up and configured by homeowners themselves. They come with internal and external sirens, door and window contacts, PIR motion sensors, panic alarms, keypads, and fobs. Some systems also come with a mobile app so the homeowner can self-monitor their property. The best providers in this space include Ring, SimpliSafe and abode.”

    How to Spot a Bad Home Security Company

    Take the appropriate steps in differentiating bad home security companies from good home security companies:

    1. Check customer reviews.
    2. Research contract length, monthly price, and upfront price.
    3. Contact experts to get their opinion.

    Every customer is different and while a traditional home security company might be good for some, a DIY home security company might be a better fit for others.

    While researching, make sure you always refer to customer reviews (both the quantity and the quality) to gain insights specifically into each company’s customer service record.

    Companies that are sales-first tend to make too many promises in the beginning, leading to misinformed customers who end up disappointed when they discover additional fees down the road.

    Be aware and be outspoken when talking to sales representatives about promises and hidden fees.

    Louis Wood from Law Security offers some additional insight into how to spot a bad home security company:

    “Some companies will sign you up for a monitoring agreement and then sell your contract to another company who would then service your account.”

    Wood continues,

    “This misalignment of incentives leads to a salesperson who will tell you anything they have to in order for you to sign up when in fact they won't even be your alarm company.  My advice is to confirm in writing if possible that your monitoring agreement is not able to be sold or transferred to another company.”

    Many customers find that they are taken advantage of during the sales process. You can avoid this by being assertive and demanding. Remember, you're paying these companies to take care of you; requesting that they do a good job of it is completely within your right.