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Spectrum Home Security


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*This company no longer offers home security services. We recommend you take a look at Cove reviews, or one of our other top home security companies.

Quick Look at Spectrum Home Security

  • Time Warner has rebranded as Spectrum Home Security.
  • No longer offers home security.

Spectrum Home Security is very transparent when it comes to providing potential customers with equipment and pricing information. All packages include an in-home touchscreen panel, motion or glass-break sensor, and two door/window sensors.

Then, depending on which package you choose, you'll get either a smart thermostat or an indoor/outdoor camera.

The panel also carries a 24-hour battery backup, built-in cellular backup, wifi connectivity, and access to dozens of apps.

Because Spectrum no longer offers home security, we recommend you check out our #1 home security company: Cove.


  • Excellent Monthly Price
  • DIY Security
  • Occasional Discounts
  • Positive Reviews






  • No Professional Installation


  • Shorter Contract Lengths

Shorter Contract Lengths

Spectrum Home Security's (Time Warner Cable) contract length for home security systems is 18 months, which is considerably shorter than the three to five-year contracts required by many other companies in the industry.


  • Spectrum Internet Required
  • High Upfront Costs and Monitoring
  • Time Warner Cable Intelligent Home Reviews

Spectrum Internet Required

In order to use Spectrum's home security services, customers must utilize the company's internet services as well.

This can be a difficult, expensive, and inconvenient switch for those who are not currently customers of Time Warner.

High Upfront Costs and Monitoring

Time Warner's equipment is pretty pricey.

Upfront costs start at $99.99 for the Basic Security package, $149.99 for the Security & Video package, and $199.99 for the Security, Video & Energy package.

If you'd like to purchase additional window/door sensors, you'll be paying $20 to $40 each.

Time Warner's monthly monitoring rates are on the more expensive side as well.

Monitoring prices start $39.99 per month, which is double what some competing home security companies charge for comparable packages.

Time Warner Cable Intelligent Home Reviews

Customers of Time Warner Cable Intelligent Home have more complaints than positive things to say about the company. The customers who have left reviews on Best Home Security Companys rate them an average of 2.5 out of 10. Below is a summary of complaints:

  • Poor customer service
  • Miscommunication from customer service and technicians
  • Having to use Time Warner for internet
  • Not realizing the equipment belongs to the company

Our Recommendation

Due to internet restrictions, the merger with Spectrum, and monthly costs, we recommend customers look into more affordable home security providers such as Cove.


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